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Disposable Single Use PPE and Infection Control Supplies

Since we started in business over 30 years ago, we have been supplying Polythene Disposable Aprons, Body Bags, Laundry bags, labels, tape and Crem Film to 1000's of different businesses, healthcare settings including the NHS and retailers around the UK, alongside our packaging supplies.

A high percentage of the product we supply is manufactured right here in the UK, but some also comes from overseas including China. So, when the current pandemic hit, we instantly saw more demand for our PPE product lines and have also been able to use our UK manufacturing partners and current supply chain to create, source and make available an extended range of PPE supplies.

As demand for these supplies has been so high across healthcare, frontline workers and now as society begins to restart, general businesses, we also had to change how we work and have set up an online shop for smaller quantity orders, making ordering easier for you and us. Our PPE store only shows stock is available once we have supplied our healthcare and key workers.

Our current range of disposable single use PPE and infection control supplies include:

Polythene Aprons

✔ Made in the UK

✔ Disposable single use aprons

✔ Available in white tint

✔ Quick and easy to put on

✔ Waterproof infection barrier

✔ Supplied as flat aprons in boxes

✔ Large volumes available

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3 Ply Face Masks


✔ CE Certfied masks

✔ Various pack sizes

✔ Medical / Non-Medical grade

✔ FFP2 certification

✔ Type II Masks

✔ Large volumes available

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Face Shields / Visors

✔ Made in the UK

✔ Disposable single use protection

✔ One size fits all

✔ Easy assembly & lightweight

✔ Adjustable head band for all sizes

✔ Anti-mist film

✔ Compatible with Apple Face ID

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Nitrile & Vinyl Gloves


✔ Powder free

✔ Nitrile are Latex free

✔ In Stock for Next Day Dispatch

✔ Box of 100 & 200

✔ Medium / Large / XLarge

✔ VAT Exempt

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Hairdressing Gowns

✔ Pre order for delivery in June

✔ UK Manufactured

✔ Full body protection

✔ Waterproof

✔ Box of 100 gowns

✔ One size and designed for convenience and hygiene

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Soluble Laundry Bags

✔ Reliable, strong & puncture resistant

✔ Safe transport of contaminated laundry

✔ 100% water soluble & biodegradable

✔ Industrial Washing Machines use

✔ As used by the NHS

✔ Large volumes available

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Hand Sanitiser

✔ High alcohol content of 70%

✔ Keep hands bacteria free

✔ Alcohol based hand gel

✔ Availble in 500ml bottles

✔ Quick drying formula

✔ Scented

✔ Kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria

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Safe Distancing Tape

✔ Made in the UK

✔ Hazard warning tape

✔ 48mm x 33m yellow/black

✔ Mark spacing on flooring in public places

✔ Mark clear 2m distance

✔ Help people keep safe

✔ Multipacks of rolls

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Body Bags

✔ Made in the UK

✔ Strong disposable body bags

✔ Supplied on a roll

✔ Products are in stock

✔ Available for delivery within days

✔ Manufactured to your specifications

✔ Low density or high performance polythene

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Our customers have made us aware of a number of retailers selling inauthentic products at highly inflated prices. As a family run business, now into its 5th decade, we take pride in our values of Integrity and Honesty, we even have a Values Director to ensure these are upheld in everything we do. Our team work continuously to ensure we supply high quality products at the right prices to healthcare, businesses and individuals around the UK, across everything we sell.

For larger volumes or products not available via the online store please call our customer service team or leave an enquiry via the forms on our product pages.

If your business needs something we don't currently supply please get in touch with our team and if we are able to work with our partners to source or manufacture it, we will.

We are here to support our outstanding NHS, medical staff, care home teams, key workers and businesses with essential PPE supplies. Order online via our Shop or Contact our dedicated team today on 01438 742890 or email sales@stevenagepackaging.co.uk.

Your safety matters, so we will continue working with suppliers around the world, many here in the UK to ensure that you can source the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) you need, including Face Protection. Our face masks and shields offer protection from fluids and our waterproof plastic aprons meet NHS specifications. With infection control required in more places than ever before, our water soluble laundry bags provide safe transportation of linen and other soiled materials, our body bags ensure safe transportation of bodies and our safe distancing tape and social distancing floor stickers help those managing public spaces keep their staff, customers and visitors safe.

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