Why you should choose us

Cost Savings

New customers buy from us because we can always save them money.

Customer Loyalty

We have retained the same customers for well over 3 decades highlighting loyalty.

Long Standing Reputation

We have been established over 30 years, saving ££££££'s for companies like yourselves.

Accredited Production

British Retail Consortium (BRC) & ISO accredited extrusion, conversion & printing plants.

Small and Large Customers

We serve a range of customers spending from £100 a year to in excess of £3 million a year.

True Customer Love

We are No. 1 in the UK for ‘True Customer Love’ service by reputation.

30 years of reassuring financial facts

Strong Financially

We have no bank funding or long term debt.

Working Capital

We have substantial working capital.

Consistent Growth

We have been profitable for 30 consecutive years & remain so.

Award Winning Supplier

Winners of 4 regional business awards.

Credit Insured

We credit insure all our customers.

Trade with Confidence

Riskdisk: "Good risk OK to offer your best terms".

ICC Info. Ltd state you can "Trade with confidence, low risk potential".

Established 1989 Registered number: 02341130

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Company Number: 02341130

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