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Dissolvabag - Water Soluble Bags

Our "DissolvaBag" water soluble laundry bags are a non-toxic, compostable bag that breaks down in water and when disposed of, leaves only harmless components with very little impact on the environment. These soluble bags have been formally tested and approved by the National Health Service and are now in use every day in NHS hospitals throughout the United Kingdom. 

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For large quantities of laundry bags please call us on 01438 742890 for the lowest UK price or fill out our enquiry form.

The dissolvable water-soluble laundry bags are designed to expertly cope with the increasing demand for cost effective solutions for infection control and the safe containment, and transportation of contaminated laundry from the point removal from beds and bathrooms right through to the washing machine.

DissolvaBag water soluble laundry bags are:

  • High quality, reliable, strong and highly puncture resistant
  • Conform to the NHS Executive guidelines, HSG (95) 18 - Hospital Laundry Arrangements for Used and Infected Linen
  • 100% water soluble and biodegradable
  • For use in Industrial Washing Machines and Industrial cleaning processes

Contact our dedicated team today on 01438 742890 to place your order or email sales@stevenagepackaging.co.uk.

How do water soluble laundry bags work?

Our DissolvaBag solution allows a healthcare worker to remove and bag infected, contaminated and soiled linen and towels quickly and easily, the laundry bags are sealed and then no contact with the infected fabric is required until the clean laundry is removed from the washing machine, the laundry is washed still in the bag. This allows for transportation and removes the risk of cross-infection to laundry personnel and healthcare teams involved in the cleaning process. The laundry bags, also referred to as alginate bags, completely vanish in the washing process and the remaining elements found in the waste water are completely harmless to the environment. Although these bags are most often purchased with the red tint and referred to as red laundry bags, we can also supply with an orange tint or as clear laundry bags with or without a red strip to help you with your infection control organisational processes.

Cold Water Soluble Strip Laundry Bags

We also have cold water soluble laundry bags with a soluble strip that dissolves at 20 degrees Celsius. It provides all of the same infection control and protection as our red laundry bags as our soluble strip bags do not have to be opened before the wash and protect fluid from escaping in transportation. The strip on the bag dissolves in the wash allowing the linen to be released into the wash, the remains of the bag is then removed at the end of the wash. They are simple and effective and conform with CFPP01-04 and HGS(95) 18.

Water Soluble Laundry Bag Manufacturing

Working as the leading industry experts for accredited water soluble laundry bags, we ensure that the highest levels of quality assurance and service are maintained throughout the manufacturing process, resulting in the best possible customer experience for all of our clients. As a polythene supplier to the NHS we audit all of our processes, quality checks and materials to deliver the gold standard of laundry bags.

Alginate laundry bags are also an essential resource for care homes as they work to control infection and protect their care workers providing a simple hygienic storage solution prior to washing.

Our water-soluble bags dissolve at 65 degrees Celsius and can be used to line transportation containers ensuring safe removal for any handlers in the laundry process. The PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) film that our laundry bags are made from is totally non-toxic with no harmful impact on the environment.

Every bag adheres to the DHSS Guidelines HC(95) 18 for the Safe Handling of Contaminated Laundry, they actively reduce cross contamination from soiled linens and are not suitable for domestic washing machines.


Soluble Strip Laundry Bags
In Stock

Soluble Strip Laundry Bags
450 x 620 x 640

✔ Dispatched next working day*

✔ Non toxic

✔ High quality, reliable & strong

✔ Puncture resistant

✔ Soluble strip dissolves at 20°C

✔ Remaining bag is removed at the end of the cycle

£29.95 for 1 box of 200 

£24.95 per box of 200
for multiple boxes

Product Info
Fully Water Soluble Laundry Bags
In Stock

Fully Water Soluble Laundry Bags
660 x 840

✔ Dispatched next working day*

✔ Non toxic

✔ Approved by the NHS to conform to HSG (95) 18

✔ High quality, reliable & strong

✔ Puncture resistant

✔ Dissolves at 65°C

✔ For Commercial & Industrial Washing Machines Only

✘ Not for Domestic Use

£19.95 for 1 roll of 25


£44.95 per box of 100 (4 rolls)


£34.95 per box of 100 
for multiple boxes

Product Info

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