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Eco Friendly Packaging

As global experts in providing bespoke packaging solutions, Stevenage Packaging pro-actively seek new products and ways to help our customers make informed choices to reduce their carbon footprint and highlight their green credentials – authentically.

With a long term focus on the environment, we help eco-conscious businesses find real sustainable, climate-neutral products that are recyclable.

The real CO2 impact of plastic bags compared with everyday life

Real impact of plastic bags compared with everyday life

With a strong emphasis on designing and producing eco-friendly packaging, we offer a range of specialist eco products that are manufactured from 100% recyclable materials.

Alongside our range of polythene and paper bags we have utilised bio-degradable, compostable, corn starch and recycled specialist films to suit your requirements.


How do biodegradeable bags degrade?

How biodegradeable bags degrade


Our biodegradable eco friendly packaging

  • Biodegradable Polythene – Used commonly in plastic carrier bags it 'degrades' when exposed to sunlight.
  • Paper – Our paper carrier bags are recyclable, reusable and biodegradable.
  • Card – Our luxury bags use a high quality board which just like paper can be used again or recycled.

reduce, recycle and reuseWe always strive to create world class innovative products using highly engineered, technical superior strength, thinner films to ensure that less waste material is produced and our policy that is actioned daily is REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE.

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