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Bubble lined mailing bags

Our bubble lined mailing bags feature an protective air cushion to give extra protection for the contents and are perfect for more delicate items. Our range of bubble mailing bags are created to meet you requirements with a number of sizes & styles available.

Why use bubble lined mailing bags?

  • Added protection for items you send in transit.
  • The protective air cushion is attached to the mailing bag for quick and easy packing
  • Enhance your brand identity with unique, bespoke and eye-catching graphics
  • Connect a positive experience of opening a well packaged item with your brand

Printed bubble lined mailing bags vs Plain mailing bags

  • Adding your brand will make your packaging stand out from other online retailers
  • Looks more professional than having a plain mailing bag
  • Include key information about your company which can help your customers get back at you

Which kind of bags do we offer?

Our bubble lined mailing bags are made to your specification and can include the following options:

  • Plastic / polythene mailing bag - waterproof, durable and lightweight
  • Strong material, 100% opaque ideal for confidentiality and seal strip
  • Bubble mailing bags with handles - Made with strong material, they’re designed to allow easy handling
  • Bespoke mailing bags with customised sizes and styles

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