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Hand & Machine Pallet wrap

Hand pallet wrap Rolls

  • Used in low to medium volume applications.
  • Product can be wrapped in any part of the production area or factory location.

Machine pallet wrap Rolls

  • Machine rolls are used in medium to high volume applications.
  • Product is wrapped by machines usually at the end of a production line or a dedicated shrink wrapping facility.

Available in blown or cast film.

Power pre-stretch options on both hand and machine wrap providing cost saving opportunities.

power pre-stretch films

We can supply power pre-stretch films down to a thickness of 6 micron without compromising protection, performance or quality when compared to the more usual 14 to 17 micron films. The benefits include:

  • Pre-stretched for easier application ensuring maximum metres.
  • Thinner film is better for the environment – you use less, waste less and dispose / recycle less.
  • It reduces the number of stretch film deliveries you need which in turn reduces the carbon emissions of a transport company.

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