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35th Anniversary

Award winning business celebrates 35 years of growth, success and influence in the heart of Stevenage.

Rob Stewart was just 23 when he and his wife Hilary founded Stevenage Packaging Limited. Against the odds they went on to win four Comet awards, growing a successful business in the heart of Stevenage. A business that has seen its revenues increase to tens of millions, underpinned with healthy profits in every one of those 35 years whilst developing a team with a collective experience of over 200 years in the packaging solutions industry.

Starting with a small number of customers back in 1989, including local family firms, Simmons Bakers and latterly Austins Funeral Directors, they have expanded to supply PLC's and several FTSE 100’s companies. In recent years they secured their largest eight figure long term contract, just one of the reasons that this family business has never made a redundancy.

Rob and Hilary's son Callum Stewart is the Managing Director at Stevenage Packaging. He shares his parents passion, commitment to the business and love of Stevenage. 

“I was born in Stevenage so I am extremely proud to be part of a successful family business employing three generations; my grandmother is still working in the business aged 84.

We are very proud to have two long serving team members Sarah Kotei and Emma Amondsen who have worked for the company for a combined 50 years since they both joined at the age of 16. 

Stevenage Packaging is a company that cares about people, team, suppliers, customers and the wider community in which we live and work. Our dedication to the local community is ingrained in what we do as we understand we have a duty of care as part of Stevenage’s history. 

The fact that we are 1 of only 10,048 companies still trading from the 130,650 companies incorporated in 1989 speaks volumes for how hard running a company is and we are fortunate to have retained many of the customers and suppliers from 35 years ago. As my father and Founder always says, the greatest prize in business is longevity."


Stevenage Packaging Chairman Sir Eric Peacock,

“This business is a self-portrait of the founders who created it and they have autographed their work with excellence.

Robert Stewart

Rob with his mentors, John Simmonds former Managing Partner at Wagstaffs, now Menzies, David Morgan former Managing Partner at Foreman Laws, Sir Eric Peacock, Stevenage Packaging Chairman.

In recent years they have acquired other companies including a manufacturing plant in the East Midlands and last year a production plant in Norfolk. The group now operates from three sites employing 89 team members with the headquarters based in Stevenage Old Town, a stones throw form where it originally started 35 years ago.

SPL as the founding company of the group, is a rare example of an entrepreneurial business focused on an exceptional customer experience, continuous innovation and creativity. The business has created a culture of excellence with a team who is totally engaged and empowered to excel.

Clarity of strategy, efficient execution and customer obsession have created an organisation that has grown consistently and what’s more is a great place to work.

We are very thankful that the Wine Society on Stevenage who this year celebrate their 150th anniversary afforded us the opportunity to celebrate with the team with an evening of culinary delights and fine wine in their first class members restaurant.

Rob as founder gave an entertaining speech of how the company was founded and his presentation gave a full insight into the life of an entrepreneur across different sectors including packaging, fitness, manufacturing, distribution, property and accountancy.


Stevenage Packaging Senior Business Manager, Emma Amondsen,

“I joined the company at 16 and had my first company car at 19. At 22, I took delivery of a brand new BMW and brought my first home.  I am still inspired, enthused and excited to work here in my 25th year as Senior Business Manager and I think that this is the best opportunity in Hertfordshire and we are always looking for talented hard working local individual to join our team.”


Stevenage Packaging Customer Services Manager, Sarah Kotei,

“I am now in the my 26th year with SPL. The company has rewarded and supported me both in business and personally, far above and beyond what would be expected of any business.

Having spent my whole life in Stevenage, last year I was given the opportunity to move to our Suffolk based business park with my two daughters to help with our growing storage and distribution facility and we have all absolutely thrived in our new home setting.

Our Founder upholds the company’s values as they are the true lifeblood of our organisation. Internal growth and promotion are fully supported and encouraged, so you can constantly grow, learn and invest in your own commercial growth.

In three words I would describe the company as Unique, Ambitious and Caring.”


After 35 years this established company refuses to relax on its past success, but rather strives forward.

Future plans include targeted and opportunistic acquisitions alongside organic growth. Simultaneously providing the highest level of service, continuously innovating environmentally friendly packaging solutions and pushing boundaries to ensure that they will be here and successful for the next 35 years and beyond celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2039.

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