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Disposable Gloves

Your Disposable Glove Quick Buys

Or disposable gloves are the perfect accompaniment to our bestselling disposable aprons

Our range features Nitrile gloves, Latex gloves, Vinyl gloves and PE Plastic gloves in a range of sizes, our high-quality gloves are suitable for many different environments, including medical and healthcare to aid infection control, businesses to reduce contamination and in laboratories, beauty salons, manufacturing plants and food processing environments to maintain hygiene.

Currently all of the sizes, styles and colours of disposable gloves featured below are in stock and available for next day dispatch. If you are looking for large volumes please call our team to see our current bulk purchase prices.

Most of our gloves are boxed in 100's but some are available in boxes of 200's so please check the descriptions below.


Nitrile Gloves

Our nitrile gloves are made from high grade synthetic rubber and are both latex and powder free to prevent allergic reactions. Their strength, resistance to oils and water-based chemicals and their dexterity make them our most popular range of gloves, with blue being the most popular colour. Our current stock of blue medium nitrile gloves boxed in 100's have been manufactured in Thailand by Sri Trang Gloves, we have chosen their balance nitrile gloves as the production and quality are of an extremely high standard and have the CE mark alongside ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13845:2016 certification. Sri Trang gloves are used globally by laboratories, medical professionals and are known for their performance when working with glass equipment due to their combination of protection, sensitivity and grip. 

Often known as examination gloves or exam gloves, nitrile gloves are used throughout the health service and by medical practitioners, part of their popularity is having no latex or powder which can cause allergic reactions. They offer a high level of sensitivity and a great fit.

Latex Gloves 

Latex gloves are often used in both business and domestic situations, highly durable these gloves provide a barrier to most chemicals and prevent colour transference to skin from dyes and chemicals. Made from Natural rubber latex, they are manufactured to reduce fatigue during extended wear, powder free and have a textured finish.

Vinyl Gloves

Our vinyl gloves are available in both blue and clear. They are powder free and as with all vinyl gloves they’re made from a synthetic material (PVC). Vinyl gloves are looser fitting than the nitrile or latex alternatives and are most often used in food preparation or for low risk or cleaning tasks. Our gloves have a beaded cuff to aid fitting and are completely latex free reducing the risk of allergic reactions. Vinyl disposable gloves provide a more cost effective option than nitrile.

PE Plastic Gloves

Our PE plastic disposable gloves are lightweight and offer an essential barrier for a wide range of handling tasks. Waterproof and chemical resistant they are spacious in size and textured to aid grip.

Bestselling Nitrile Gloves

As they offer superior resistance to chemicals and abrasions nitrile rubber gloves are our most popular range, their snug fit and comfort make then ideal for use in a wide range of situations where single use gloves are required. Our Nitrile gloves are approved for medical use.

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